This is the campaign page for the Dungeon World campaign, Enter the Dream World.

Our Heroes have found their way to the Dream World, one that inhabits the mind of every dreamer. The Dream World is full of wonder and beauty, to be sure, but is also inhabited by the fearful manifestations and darkest horrors of the most twisted of humanity's dreamers. The Dream World is out of time and space. A place where you will find a plethora of customs, architecture, and people from through out the history of legions of planets and dimensions. Some perceivable and some not.

 It is a world inspired by HP Lovecraft's Dream Cycle and it uses the world building strategy of Fate Core's Masters of Umdaar to smooth over some of the outdated perspectives of Lovecraft's terrifying and inspired visions. Finally, it uses the game mechanic of Dungeon World to make it simple and approachable with a classic RPG feel.

Enter the Dream World